Anifanon Universe
The main universe, this is for pages that add on to the real animorph universe
Vital statistics
<Manager(s)> Everyone
<Type> NA
<Main Source> None
<Other Source(s)> None
<Date Created> 2/10/2010
<Spin-Off of> The Real Universe
<Spin-Offs> None
<Identification> No perenthesis and is not in the "Using the Wiki" category
The Anifanon Universe is the main universe of the wiki. It is for everything that people create! Pages should only be in another universe, like (Magma-Man) if it is impossible to be in the real universe or any other universe, like an alternate timeline, but otherwise, this is for everything!

I hope this universe grows more then any other universe! This is the main universe for Anifanon! The main central! So get adding!

Magma-Man 22:43, February 17, 2010 (UTC)