Animorphs - Chapter I: The Invasion is a non-exsistant film set to release in the summer of 2014. Set to the be the first in a nine part series, it is based off of the first book, while adding in plot points that were other-wise introduced later, such as Marco trying to learn the truth about his mother's "death." The movie would have both an uncut R rated version (due to the graphic violence of animal maulings) and a cut down PG-13 version.



The first major trailer was shown on February 2, 2014 during the Super Bowl, announcing a July 18th release date.

A special hard-cover edition of the first book is planned to be released to help promote the film.


There are planned to be seven main films with a prequel film after each three.

While the first film closely follows the first book, the sequels will be very different, as to adapt the over-all story of 64+ books into seven films. The Ellimist and Crayak are not planned to not have an appearance, while David has been confirmed. The writer/director has said that while they will still follow the themes of the books and carry over many plot elements, this will become a very different version of the Animorphs's story.