Placeholder Alien
Main Information
<Pronunciation> Are-gull
<Home Planet> Usopire
<Sentient> No
<Faction> None
<Notable Characters> None
<Universe> Anifanon
<Population> 5000000
<Yeerk Infestation> 0%
<Notes> They resemble Earth Rats
<Average Lifespan> 14 years
<Average Agility> 10
<Average Alignment> Nuetral
<Danger Level> 2
<Average Endurance> 5
<Average Fighting Skills> 5
<Average Intelligence> 0
<Male/Female Ratio> 50% Male 50% Female
<Status> Unchanged
<Average Strength> 3
Arguls are a small race of rodent like creatures that reside on the planet Usopire, and are a valuable food source to the Herklair.


They resemble an Earth Rat, except they are orange. They also have six legs and two tongues.