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Cassie 1
Main Information
<Full Name> NA
<Universe> {{{Universe}}}
<Position> Normal
<Talents> Parents are vetrinarians, and so is Cassie. Thus Cassie has extensive knowledge of animals
<Friends/Family> Mother; Father; Jake-Friend/Fellow Animorph; Rachel-Best Friend/Fellow Animorph; Marco-Friend/Fellow Animorph; Tobias-Friend/Fellow Animorph; Douglas-Friend/Fellow Animorph;
<Arch Enemy> Visser Three
<Current Location> NA
<Home/Base of Operations> NA
Morph Statistics
<First Morph> NA
<Number of Morphs> {{{Number of Morphs}}}
<Favored Morph> NA
<Battle Morph> NA
<Latest Acquired Morph> NA
<Age> 13
<Agility> {{{Agility}}}
<Alignment> {{{Alignment}}}
<Endurance> {{{Endurance}}}
<Fighting Skills> {{{Fighting Skills}}}
<Gender> Female
<Intelligence> 7
<Status> Alive
<Strength> {{{Strength}}}
Cassie is, to say, the tree-hugger of the Animorphs. However, she does possess an extensive knowledge of animals, thus, being quite helpful with morphs. She also has many wounded animals in her barn that her parents find and bring to heal them before letting them go, which the animorphs can use for morphs.