Placeholder Animorph
Main Information
<Full Name> NA
<Universe> Magma-Man's Universe
<Position> Normal
<Talents> Very Good at Art, possesses mass amounts of imagination, much more then the average teenager, hasn't had any friends at school before he met Elfangor with Jake, Cassie, Marco, Rachel, and Tobias and became an Animorph
<Friends/Family> Mother; Father;
<Arch Enemy> NA
<Current Location> NA
<Home/Base of Operations> NA
Morph Statistics
<First Morph> Black Bear
<Number of Morphs> 2
<Favored Morph> Black Bear
<Battle Morph> Black Bear
<Latest Acquired Morph> Rabbit
<Age> 13
<Agility> 9
<Alignment> Very Good
<Endurance> 4
<Fighting Skills> 5
<Gender> Male
<Intelligence> 7
<Status> Alive
<Strength> 3
Douglas is the sixth Animorph. He never used to have any friends before he became one, so now his friends are his fellow Animorphs, Jake, Marco, Tobias, Cassie, and Rachel. He by chance was at the construction site before the rest were there, and thus, also witnessed Elfangor crashing. He was also given the power to morph. Later, like the others, he went to the Gardens to get some morphs. He eventually found a Black Bear, he was able to aquire. He and Tobias also ran into some zoo gaurds, and had to make a run for it. He also later aquired an injured brown rabbit at Cassie's barn.

Morph Book
Black Bear The New Invasion
Rabbit The New Invasion