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Main Information
<Pronunciation> Her-k-l-air
<Home Planet> Usopire
<Sentient> No
<Faction> None
<Notable Characters> Sub-Visser Twenty-Four
<Universe> Anifanon Universe
<Population> 695,000
<Yeerk Infestation> 0.0000014388509911525052554032452% (Only 1)
<Notes> Yeerks tried to infest them, but they proved to be too powerful, and only one Yeerk managed to infest one of them, Sub-Visser Twenty-Four
<Average Lifespan> 900 Years
<Average Agility> 11
<Average Alignment> {{{Average Alignment}}}
<Danger Level> 9
<Average Endurance> 6
<Average Fighting Skills> {{{Average Fighting Skills}}}
<Average Intelligence> 3
<Male/Female Ratio> 70% Male, 30% Female
<Status> Still the same
<Average Strength> 6

The Herklair are a violent species, and have deminished alot of their population. They are excelent fighters, in fact, they seem to of been made to fight. They are incredibly terratorial and have all been warhardened, for their planet, Usopire, has gone through more wars then any other planet in the universe, with a total of 2,849,028,420,984 wars, and that's only the big ones. They won't ever attack another Herklair in their colony, unless provoked or angered. They are very lethal fighters.


The planet's climate is almost the same as Earth's, only alot colder most of the time. Not much plant life exsists, and they Harklair are the only species of animal on the planet except for the Agilitupi. While it may be really cold on the planet, the Harklair have very tough skin, and are fine.


The Harklair are natural fighting machines. The males' favorite method is to slice the enemy two times, once with each hand-blade, and then the male Harklair leaps in the air, rotating a full 360 ,º with their hand-blades in front of them, the momentum bringing the hand-blades right into the enemy, most of the time slicing him in half. The creatures are very violent, and don't feel much for their lost allies, unless it was family like a father, mother, or a wife/husband. If their youngling gets killed, most of the time it will go on a rampage killing everything in site until other Harklair kill him/her.



The males are a bright orange. They can grow up to 8 ½ feet tall. Their looks resemble that of a Hork-Bajir with a huge body. They do not have razor sharp blades covering their body, but instead have long, razorsharp blades for hands and can are incredibly agile and can slice an enemy easily. They don't have tails, and aren't as bulky as a Hork-Bajir, but still are much better fighters then the Hork-Bajir could ever be, even if the Hork-Bajir weren't peaceful.


The females are blood-red in color. They can grow up to 5 ½ feet tall. They have blades on their shoulders and wrists, although these are not as long and sharp as a Male's blades. They also have hands like a humans. They also are good fighters and tend to be more useful in putting together shelters because they have hands while males do not. Their hands resemble human hands except they have claws instead of nails.


They don't have a very specific culture, and what culture they do have differs between colonies. Some have a leader of a colony, some colonies will only alow a femal ruler, some colonies will only allow a male ruler, some colonies don't care what gender the ruler is, some colonies have two rulers, the male/female rule is the same as what has just been said, it differs, and others may not have any rulers at all.


The most common thing that most all do, is create shelters in the following manner:

  1. Males, females, and younglings alike go and gather soakwiny (or other material) for creating the shelter
  2. It is brought to the males, who use their blade-hands to slice it into needed shapes, some including a special emblem or a special shape specific to that colony
  3. Then, the shapes are finished, the females use put them together and make them stick with bundkily and set up their shelter
  4. Once it is done, males and females alike will search for flaws are splinters and use their blades to fix the problem

Shelter NotesEdit

  • This still differs between colonies, but the information is what it is for most colonies
  • Not all colonies do part 4, only colonies with leaders who care
  • In some colonies the females make the emblem or special shape instead of the males

Yeerk InvasionEdit

The Herklair where the yeerks first target after the Gedds. This was a foolish mistake, because even with their new dracon beams, they were masicured by the Herklair. Only one yeerk managed to infest one, and he became Sub-Visser Twenty. The yeerks plan to come back to the planet later, now that they also have Hork-Bajir, Taxons, Skrit-Na, Gedds, and Humans, but have not yet come back.