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Jake 5
Main Information
<Full Name> NA
<Universe> {{{Universe}}}
<Position> Leader
<Talents> NA
<Friends/Family> Mother; Father; Tom-Brother; Marco-Best Friend/Fellow Animorph; Cassie-Friend/Fellow Animorph; Rachel-Cousin/Fellow Animorph; Tobias-Friend/Fellow Animorph; Douglas-Friend/Fellow Animorph;
<Arch Enemy> Visser Three
<Current Location> NA
<Home/Base of Operations> NA
Morph Statistics
<First Morph> NA
<Number of Morphs> {{{Number of Morphs}}}
<Favored Morph> NA
<Battle Morph> NA
<Latest Acquired Morph> NA
<Age> 13
<Agility> {{{Agility}}}
<Alignment> {{{Alignment}}}
<Endurance> {{{Endurance}}}
<Fighting Skills> {{{Fighting Skills}}}
<Gender> Male
<Intelligence> 6
<Status> Alive
<Strength> {{{Strength}}}
Jake is the reluctant leader of the Animorphs. He is always thinking out ways to best fight the yeerks and keep the team under control.

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