The New Invasion
Placeholder Book
Vital statistics
<Author> Magma-Man
<Helper(s)> None
<Series> Animorphs: The New Invasion
<Book #> 1
<Narrator> Douglas
<Start Date> 2/11/2010
<Completion Date> NA
<New Characters> Douglas; Marco; Jake; Cassie; Rachel; Tobias; Elfangor
<New Aliens> Andalites; Yeerks
<Status> In Progress
<Previous Book> NA
<Next Book> NA
This will be the first book by Magma-Man. This is a Youniverse where the creater has a new main character based on himself. That being Douglas in this case.


Chapter 1

This chapter introduces with "My name is Douglas" and continues like most Animorphs books do with the Introduction. Soon, Douglas starts telling the story of how it all began. First, he was at the mall, at a book store. He later went to the arcade to use up his couple quarters he had left. After that, he got on his bike and went to the construction site, and had some fun. Then, he noticed Jake and Marco, whom he new the names of, walking by with three others. He did not know the names of them, but they were Tobias, Rachel, and Cassie. Then, it happened. The ship fell out of the sky, and crashed. Elfangor came out, and fell. They found out he was dying. After he had the 5 others come out into his sight, while Douglas stayed hidden. However, Elfangor turned his stalk eyes toward Douglas.

Chapter 2

Soon, Douglas went up to him, and then, he told them all about how they are being invaded by an alien species called yeerks. Then, he had Douglas go and get the Morphing Cube from his ship. Douglas brought it back out and gave it to him. Then, he gave all six of the kids the power to morph. Right after that, more lights in the sky appeared. "Are they more andalites?" asked Douglas. <No.> Elfangor replied. <Yeerks.>

Chapter 3

As the other five hid, Douglas returned to his seperate hiding place he used earlier as two bug fighters and a battle-axe shaped ship landed. Out came four different species. humans, Hork-Bajir, Taxxons, (as explained by Elfangor) and one andalite. Visser Three. Visser Three interegated Elfangor for the cube, and Elfangor said he destroyed it. So, since Elfangor was dying, Visser Three decided that Elfangor was worthless to the Yeerk Empire. He morphed into a Knurt Eert, and picked up Elfangor in his now giant hands and brought Elfangor closer to his mouth saying, "I just love andalite for dinner!"